Minuit à Paris…

It’s impossible for me to be objective when it comes to Woody Allen. This time though, I think it goes beyond my neurotic obsession with everything this man has ever touched. The star of the movie, to me, is the city itself. Every scene was like a timeless postcard: beautiful and inviting. The cast was brilliant. I have to admit that it took me a minute to warm up to Owen Wilson’s anti-social script writer character but ultimately his performance was refreshing and convincing. Marion Cottilard as the stunning Adriana and Adrien Brody as an hilarious Salvatore Dali did a phenomenal job with their respective role. Ultimately, the hour and 40 minutes that I spent at the movie theater flew by and were magical. Whimsical, romantic, nostalgic, eloquent, intelligent – not Woody Allen at is prime but still great. One of my closest friend is Parisian and she’d offered any times to take me around the city of lights and show me “le vrai Paris”. I was always hesitant but after seeing this enchanting piece, I’ve already called her to set a date for my private tour. This movie was a great reminder that it’s important to cherish the past but never forget to live in the moment.. I shall not forget.


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