Paris, Tokyo…

I went away last weekend to a cottage in the Eastern townships, Roxton Pond to be precise, and I had to opportunity to do some serious chill-axing…LOL… Saturday was gloriously sunny, while Sunday was the perfect rainy-jazzy day. Incredible! Great food, good company, stimulating conversations, an inviting pool, a BBQ ready to be use AND abuse, PLUS a freaking hammock in the backyard!?! What else could a girl asked for?? Maybe a sympathetic dog (called Maggie), two cats (Sookie and Yoko a.k.a Hitler/ Charlie Chaplin since she’s all white and has a tiny black mustache under her nose) and a banned on killing any insects besides mosquitoes. Listen, I almost killed an ant and was scolded for a good half-hour for that mischief…. Geez…Do not worry, the ant survived – I only broke her two back-legs 😛

I  also discovered this amazing Lupe Fiasco song during those 50 blissful hours: Paris, Tokyo  which is the perfect musical backdrop for a week-end get away (like I had); or a week long vacations to an exotic overseas location or just the track you play when you’ve buried yourself under your comforter in your well-used PJs,  turned off your Blackberry, laptop, emails etc… and just want to disconnect for a few hours…Enjoy!

P.S.: Happy birthday to one of my favorite W in the whole wide world 🙂

P.P.S.: Have you ever-tried Kettle’s Ranch flavored potato chips!?! Thank you C for this life-changing discovery. “Hi, my name is Tathiana and I’m so addicted to those chips” 🙂


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