MOH…383 days…

I’m kind of freaking out… I’m that friend… the friend you wish you didn’t have sometimes but love when other circumstances comes along… Let me explain…You can call me to bail you out of jail, if I have the $$ I’m there…but if you need a babysitter…oufff…go to the next person in the phone book! Sorry, I don’t do kids unless they’re related to me my blood… awful, you say?!? Yup, I know but it’s just the way that I feel and I can’t help it. I’m not into kids, christening, communions, bachelorettes, baby showers etc… I HATE ALL OF THOSE WITH A PASSION.. I cannot stand them! But now I’ve found myself in a bizarre position…

I’ve been asked to be a maid of honor to my friend’s wedding. You need to understand, this is a difficult position to be in..WHY, you might say? Maybe because the year before, I refused to be a bridesmaids in one of my old friend (Known her for 20 years) wedding party.. I still feel guilty, because I love that friend… I think she’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met (and will ever meet) in my life. She has a good heart, she’s reliable, she has great values..she’s that girl…the one you can count on. She’s always been that way… But I also know that our lives have changed and it isn’t the way it was 10-15 or 20 years ago… To me, being over 30 in a wedding party – not happening for me – I don’t want to be that girl…forever bridesmaids never the bride, I’m so not interested.  There comes a time when you have to let go and I have… I’m truly beyond that.. I declined to be a bridesmaid to my friend’s wedding because I felt our friendship was not as close as it once was and I would not be sincere walking down that isle on her special day…. I have tremendous love for her but I know our relationship is (and will never be the same).. other people, that have been there for her should be walking her down that isle and supporting her through that event..but I love her! She has a special place in my heart. And then, comes that person you never thought you’d meet.

A funny, eclectic, sarcastic girl that you just so happen to mesh with. From the get go, we’re super different: she’s slim and hates fat people – I’m kinda of chubby and not a fan of those model like gals (which she is); she’s vegetarian and I’m a carnivore, she’s very fashion-forward – she insulted the mom’s jeans I was wearing during the game night I was hosting (what a douche – yet, she was my backbone when it came to keep my cool and keep food coming out). Regardless of all this, we still manage to always have a GREAT time whenever we saw each other; we went away for a week in TNT and never had an issue and ’til today, we may not agree on certain things we’re still super cool with each other..and most importantly….we always laugh…and laugh! And as superficial as she may appear she still cares about people and I love that about her!! I love her heart!! The heart that loves grandma and grandpa and tells you all about their stories….. grandma holding that man by the collar at the flea market, or her having two yearly birthday parties – yearly ( double birthday party!! Who the fuck has that!?! lol): my friend CJ does!!

Needless to say I’m excited, overwhelmed, terrified while being so happy for her! It truly is a privilege to witness the meeting of two souls, that were meant to found each other. Since I have not met MY soul mate yet, her story reinforces my belief that there’s a special someone out there for me too…awwwww…so corny (I know, embarrassing :S). I’ve made a promise to myself to enjoy every single step of this journey and I cannot wait to share the big day with you, my 2 faithful readers! Besides, I already know the wedding pictures are going to be SICK – the outfits, the theme everything will be HOT, at that celebration of Afrocentric love 🙂 This adventure is going to be exceptionally phenomenal… to be continued


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  1. 6 words for you MOH: BLAH BLAH BLAH SUCK IT UP… you should embrace this honourable role bestowed or “vol-and-told” upon you (lol). It is truly her honour to have you walk down the so called dreaded “look at me I’m a single bridesmaid AGAIN parading down the LONG (or so it feels) walk of shame with the half masked ‘pau diab’ pity regard from the invitees” isle… what a journey this has been so far on SO many levels. From distant quiet acknowledgements at an old workplace to hangouts to birthdays to travel to wedding… how did we get here? What’s left? I see godparent in your future… YES I said it… SUCK IT UP… label the friendship and MOH role as you wish… they deserve those accolades and so do you… so take that! Thank you for being a friend and sister I never thought I wanted…

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