I’ll be hostage of my neighborhood because of U2. Dinner plan by my house tomorrow night: postponed to next week. Brunch in Laval Saturday afternoon: cancelled. Decarie highway and all the Jean-Talon area will be a zoo to make room for this unique event. I’m not gonna lie – I. TOTALLY. GET. IT People have been holding on to their tickets for TWO YEARS now, I definitely understand the excitement and anticipation!! I just regret that I did not purchase a pair myself, it would’ve been a nice way to end my “challenging-filled-with-opportunities” week at work to say the least…o_O

Over 160 000 Montrealers are expected to see the Irish band’s sold out shows. Ticket-less and plan-less, my only option is to try to enjoy my favourite U2 song as I drown my sorrow in my mint tea. Wishing you all an amazing show!! 🙂


Inspiring people…

One of my all time favorite show  of all time, on TV, is Iron Chef America… for some bizarre reason I find myself captivated until the last second: like really..battle zucchini!?! What could they possibly come up with!?! And somehow, they always manage to come up with some amazing recipes! Iron Chef America is the equivalent of Monday night football, to me. 🙂 I’m a GEEK, SORRY!!! (…NOT) But this week, I’m just a bit more proud as Chuck Hughes won his Canadian lobster battle against Bobby Flay!! WOW!! This is HUGE..Bobby Flay is not the ULTIMATE Iron chef (to my opinion Mario Batali is) but he’s really good…like really, really good. Chuck is a Montrealer PLUS he cooked POUTINE for the judges!! How could you not respect that!?! That’s gangsta  to me and honestly I just ate it up, gulped it down without blinking and I gotta be honest…I’m TOTALLY a fan, now!!

Garde-Manger for my b-day!?! Hmmm..maybe..with my girls from NY, my MTL fashionista ladies and my hipster-wanna-be guy friends!?! Yup I could totally see that happening..LOL…

You could also see Chuck on the Food Network on his popular show “Chuck’s day off”. You’ll definitely get some great recipes ideas when you’re having friends over and want to serve them with some tasty “un-fussy food”. Enjoy!