I’ll be hostage of my neighborhood because of U2. Dinner plan by my house tomorrow night: postponed to next week. Brunch in Laval Saturday afternoon: cancelled. Decarie highway and all the Jean-Talon area will be a zoo to make room for this unique event. I’m not gonna lie – I. TOTALLY. GET. IT People have been holding on to their tickets for TWO YEARS now, I definitely understand the excitement and anticipation!! I just regret that I did not purchase a pair myself, it would’ve been a nice way to end my “challenging-filled-with-opportunities” week at work to say the least…o_O

Over 160 000 Montrealers are expected to see the Irish band’s sold out shows. Ticket-less and plan-less, my only option is to try to enjoy my favourite U2 song as I drown my sorrow in my mint tea. Wishing you all an amazing show!! 🙂


Candid, Inspiring, Mesmerizing…Eliza, Esperanza, Sade.

For the first time in years, I enjoyed my city like a tourist. I had the opportunity to attend three great shows during the Montreal Jazz Festival. Sunday night, I saw Eliza Doolittle at Club Soda. She’s a young, energetic up and coming singer from England that I knew absolutely nothing about. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised! She has a strong voice and the chemistry with her band is delightful. I didn’t know any of her songs but with their catchy tunes and clever choruses, it didn’t take long before I too was singing along with the rest of the crowd.

On Monday, I was charmed and inspired by the delicate yet so talented Esperanza. She’s brilliant and the contrast of her tiny frame against her massive bass is captivating. She’s only 23 but she plays music like an old soul. Just like the theme of her soirée at Place-des-Arts, it actually felt like I was attending a private concert in her living room.

And then, my week ended with the best of the best: Sade. She’s what a super star is all about. Graceful, Sensual, In control of her voice and her audience, unparalleled dynamic with her long time band, Captivating…I’m running out of words to describe this unique night. It was one of those moment that you just didn’t want to see end…sigh…Sade, I want to be just like you when I grow up.