Milano, Italy… going West!

So… one of my closest friend left for Milan, Italy today. Blame it on the fact that I’m a Cancer but just knowing that he’s so many miles away makes me miss him already… :(… (Awwwwwwwwww!!! ¬†o_O. Yup, I’m a douche..LOL) Since I cannot be there with him, I decided to search the GOOGLE and find the most interesting activities to do in Milan (YESSSIR) for him and I shall send him my recommendations. ūüėČ Because if I was there too those are the activities I’d love to do!!!

In no particular order, here are my top picks:

Bag the latest styles at the Rectangle of Gold

Milan’s boutiques fit into one square, bordered by via della Spiga, via Manzoni, via Sant’Andrea and via Montenapoleone: the Quadrilatero d’Oro (Rectangle of Gold). Designer named stores include Armani, Chanel, Missoni, Prada and Versace. Even if the price tags are out of your budget, you can spend many a happy hour admiring the window displays

Savour the flavours of Milanese cuisine

Here you’ll find creamy pasta, dairy and meat products, alongside international foods such as maki and curry. Our top pick for sampling Milanese food is¬†Antica Trattoria della Pesa

Relax to the max at Milan’s spas

Pulled a muscle in your shopping marathon? No sweat: one of Milan’s spas will have a special treatment for you. Fashionistas should head for the Aveda-based¬†Lepri, a salon and spa owned by the gregarious Fabrizio Lepri, a sought-after hairstylist.

Sample a sandwich of distinction

At¬†Bar della Crocetta¬†the humble sandwich has become an art form, with over 100 panini oozing wonderful ingredients, from wild venison to prosciutto.¬†De Santis¬†doubles that number of sarnies, enticing you with elaborate concoctions, including basil-flavoured goat’s cheese and marinated artichokes, squeezed between thin pieces of their own secret-recipe grilled bread.

View the best art collection in the city

The modest but exquisite collection at the¬†Pinacoteca di Brera¬†art museum covers works by major Italian artists from the 13th to the 20th centuries. Highlights include Mantegna’s Dead Christ, a moving Piet√† by Giovanni Bellini, Piero della Francesca’s Virgin and Child with Saints and Caravaggio’s Supper at Emmaus. Titian, Tintoretto and Veronese are all here. There’s also a studio of plaster casts and drawings, and contemporary works, thanks to its wonderful study collection.

Grab a really great coffee (even though you don’t drink coffee..but I LOVE it!!)

Milan is the city in which Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz first formulated the concept of launching US espresso bars, where the public can work, meet and relax. Italy’s caf√©s already fulfil this role with zeal: local baristas remember your name and usually start preparing your usual beverage the moment you walk in.

Be both cheap and chearful at happy hour

With cocktail prices fixed between ‚ā¨6 and ‚ā¨8 thrown into the aperitivo mix, the city’s hippest bars all attempt to out-chic the others at the daily happy hour: DJs are hired for the early evening slot, seasonal concoctions are chalked up on the wall, and mountainous buffets pull in the punters.Bhangrabar¬†serves Indian specialities, and¬†Radetzky¬†ups the stakes with marinated artichokes and oysters on ice.

Support AC Milan (or maybe FC Internazionale!)

The San Siro Stadium is an essential place of pilgrimage for any football fanatic. This 85,000-seater is home to two rival clubs, AC Milan and FC Internazionale, which are among the most powerful in the world. Even on non-match days, a tour and a visit to the museum gives an insight into the powerhouse of football.

Rummage around the flea markets

So pick a sunny day, leave the heels at home and hit the city’s best markets. TheFiera di Senigallia¬†has long been the city’s top flea market. Its specialities include’70s vintage disco gear, compilation CDs, Peruvian baby clothes and old comic books. Over a canal or two, the popular¬†Papiniano¬†stocks a mix of goods, including plants, shoes, homewares and linens, with the odd food stall thrown in. Expect to use your elbows if you want to get near the cut-price clothes.

Club with the hipsters in Como

If you mix a ‘work hard, party hard’ ethic and the young, upwardly mobile set of Milan, what do you get? An incessant demand for places in which to party like there’s no alarm clock. The city certainly delivers, with pockets of vibrant nightlife in the swanky Corso Como area. At the classic club¬†Hollywood¬†you’ll find a transformation going on: although it was once home to the champagne-swilling pinstriped crowd, the club is now embracing the artsy, hip and gay communities.

Needless to say that I wish I was there with you but in the meantime: have the most amazing time!!

Come back chubby with thousands of pictures!! He he he!

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