I’ll be hostage of my neighborhood because of U2. Dinner plan by my house tomorrow night: postponed to next week. Brunch in Laval Saturday afternoon: cancelled. Decarie highway and all the Jean-Talon area will be a zoo to make room for this unique event. I’m not gonna lie – I. TOTALLY. GET. IT People have been holding on to their tickets for TWO YEARS now, I definitely understand the excitement and anticipation!! I just regret that I did not purchase a pair myself, it would’ve been a nice way to end my “challenging-filled-with-opportunities” week at work to say the least…o_O

Over 160 000 Montrealers are expected to see the Irish band’s sold out shows. Ticket-less and plan-less, my only option is to try to enjoy my favourite U2 song as I drown my sorrow in my mint tea. Wishing you all an amazing show!! 🙂