Feel like a beer? Trust me, you’ll want one after you see this!

I saw this commercial while watching the Wimbledon semi-finals. At first, I was convinced it was some tourism commercial for Japan…only to realized that it was a BEER commercial!?! Really….all this for BEER…o_O…Simply amazing! Besides, even though I’m not a beer drinker believe me when I tell you if I see a caisse of Sapporo, I’m buying it! Just like that! What!?! I know I’m such a consumer…don’t judge me..


Candid, Inspiring, Mesmerizing…Eliza, Esperanza, Sade.

For the first time in years, I enjoyed my city like a tourist. I had the opportunity to attend three great shows during the Montreal Jazz Festival. Sunday night, I saw Eliza Doolittle at Club Soda. She’s a young, energetic up and coming singer from England that I knew absolutely nothing about. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised! She has a strong voice and the chemistry with her band is delightful. I didn’t know any of her songs but with their catchy tunes and clever choruses, it didn’t take long before I too was singing along with the rest of the crowd.

On Monday, I was charmed and inspired by the delicate yet so talented Esperanza. She’s brilliant and the contrast of her tiny frame against her massive bass is captivating. She’s only 23 but she plays music like an old soul. Just like the theme of her soirée at Place-des-Arts, it actually felt like I was attending a private concert in her living room.

And then, my week ended with the best of the best: Sade. She’s what a super star is all about. Graceful, Sensual, In control of her voice and her audience, unparalleled dynamic with her long time band, Captivating…I’m running out of words to describe this unique night. It was one of those moment that you just didn’t want to see end…sigh…Sade, I want to be just like you when I grow up.

Inspiring people…

One of my all time favorite show  of all time, on TV, is Iron Chef America… for some bizarre reason I find myself captivated until the last second: like really..battle zucchini!?! What could they possibly come up with!?! And somehow, they always manage to come up with some amazing recipes! Iron Chef America is the equivalent of Monday night football, to me. 🙂 I’m a GEEK, SORRY!!! (…NOT) But this week, I’m just a bit more proud as Chuck Hughes won his Canadian lobster battle against Bobby Flay!! WOW!! This is HUGE..Bobby Flay is not the ULTIMATE Iron chef (to my opinion Mario Batali is) but he’s really good…like really, really good. Chuck is a Montrealer PLUS he cooked POUTINE for the judges!! How could you not respect that!?! That’s gangsta  to me and honestly I just ate it up, gulped it down without blinking and I gotta be honest…I’m TOTALLY a fan, now!!

Garde-Manger for my b-day!?! Hmmm..maybe..with my girls from NY, my MTL fashionista ladies and my hipster-wanna-be guy friends!?! Yup I could totally see that happening..LOL…

You could also see Chuck on the Food Network on his popular show “Chuck’s day off”. You’ll definitely get some great recipes ideas when you’re having friends over and want to serve them with some tasty “un-fussy food”. Enjoy!

It’s been a while…

I have to admit that I’ve truly been neglecting my blog for the past few months…I don’t know I just did not feel inspired, a bit lazy and maybe procrastinated too much… But now something has changed; I’m on a new journey. A journey on getting healthier and skinnier..:-) I’ll be training 3 times a week for the next month with this great girl named Valerie. My sessions are private so all her attention is on MOI!! Our first training session was Sunday and boy oh boy …it was something else! This 31 year old body did not take that grueling exercise session easily…I saw stars, my heart was beating ultra-fast, felt dizzy..but hey…I’m use to it and Wednesday I’ll be more than prepare!!! I’m pumped , I’m excited and looking forward to see results.

Pull a chair, get comfy, grab some baby carrots and enjoy this great adventure with me 🙂

LOL of the day

This video has got to be the funniest I’ve seen in a long time! By now, everybody has heard (and saw the video) of this crazy lady that went into a rage when she was not served Mc Nuggets at 6AM. Well some creative minds at ilovebtv.com added some voices over the video…AAAAHHHHH….what can I say!?! Hilarity at his best AND lucky for me, it involves food!!! Enjoy as I make my way to the closest McDonald for some chicken nuggets, Bar-b-q sauce and the good honey mustard…!

Brooklyn’s finest

My friend Meriem is one of the sweetest, coolest and down to earth person I’ve ever met! I spent an amazing week-end in June where she made it her mission to make me adore Fort Greene, Brooklyn..Mimi, mission accomplished! I’m enamored with Brooklyn for it’s amazing brownstones, the cultural diversity, the numerous green spaces, the feel that hip-hop is around every single corner, the nonchalant coolness of the residents of this neighborhood, the flea market with its amazing discoveries, the corner coffee-shop with soulful brunches, the clean-cute nail salon where we both had our pedicure done and of course this great Asian restaurant where I had a delicious maple glazed salmon right before the free Common show. Sigh… I really wish I could go back 😦

Dinner at Sherifa’s

Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when you’re invited to dinner and the person receiving you is an amazing hostess? Well, this is what happen to me when I went to dinner at my friend Sherifa’s the other day. She’s so attentive, meticulous and makes you feel at home within the first minutes you step foot into her house. We had a fantastic time and had a delightful meal! As they say a picture is worth a thousand words…

Welcome to my humble abode

I cannot believe that I’m here today, anxious, in front of this blank page. I’ve been waiting for the moment to share my passion of food through written words and here it is. Wow! It’s a little overwhelming but yet so exciting! This blog comes at the perfect time as I’ve just acquired my first laptop (Macbook Pro – Thank you very much) and I’m just eager to share, write and connect with you readers…or well, should I say the blogosphere. So, first and foremost let me welcome you to my humble abode. Make yourself comfortable, take a seat and have a glass of delicious wine. This, here, will be a forum to exchange, educate, critique, inform and entertain one another at all time. Like a lot of people, I’m a food enthusiast but yet I have a love-hate relationship with food itself. If there could only be a way to eat ALL the food we love an not gain a pound: a pill, an injection I don’t care SIGN ME up!! LOL! What should you expect on IOHAB? Beautiful pictures, food adventures, delightful podcasts, tasting recipes and a lot more.